Oh, what an ill-fated toast

Dear readers, today is a big day. And it's a big day since I am publicating a soon-to-be famous song about a poor little toast boy. Here it is, my friends, enjoy!

Oh, what an ill-fated toast
Once upon a time there was a lovely toast boy

He had a wonderful life, full of joy

One day when he was taking a walk

He on the ground found a glittering fork

He picked it up and threw it away for fun

What he didn't know was farther walked a bun

The fork hit the bun right in the chest

Now that bun is laid to rest


Oh, what an ill-fated toast

He didn't know he was doing wrong

Throwing forks just seemed like something fun

Now he's lost his spirit and spark

The killing-buns-guilt had grown in his heart

Oh, what an ill-fated toast

The toast retired into its shell

He was feeling anything but well

He had killed an innocent bun

Oh, his heart was broken, he so wished it undone

As years past by, the toast went to bits

Soon there were no more clothes that fit

At last the toast passed away

Even in dead he was filled up with guilt where he laid



OoooohhoOOoHh (wailing) what an ill-fated toOooOooOOoAast (wailing)

Inga Kempe

Postat av: Mummy (the)

Nasty business :-o

2008-01-08 @ 20:04:16
Postat av: Larsie

Oh that poor poor toast

Postat av: luis

Harsh destiny for a toast boy

2008-01-09 @ 16:16:51
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